tirsdag den 26. februar 2013

Evony farming level 10 npc for justice and nation Medal

Need justice and nation medals to get promoted to Furstin and Prinzessin?

Here is the guide how to get justice and nations medals quickly.

To become Furstin you need 5 Nation and 10 Justice medals,
and to become Prinzessin you need 15 Nation and 30 Justice medals.

Here is how to farm level 10 NPC for justice and nation medals:
You will loose trops but not many.
  1. Place one of your cities next to a level 10 NPC.
  2. Scout the level 10 NPC until you find a protecting hero below level 10
    (This will minimize your looses)
  3. To break the level 10 NPC you need to send a hit to break the defences.
    Attack with one level 100 hero
    90.000 archers
    2.000 workers
    2.000 scouts
    2.000 swordsmen
    2.000 warriors
    2.000 pikesmen
    After the hit the defences are broken down
Now you need to send waves with 4 minutes intervals after the first hit.
I uses heroes from level 30-100 for this.
Each wave must have
10.000 archers
10.000 warriors
100 workers
100 scouts
100 swordsmen
100 pikesmen
  • Use camp time to send waves with 4 minutes intervals from major hit
1 hit after 4 minutes
2 hit after 8 minutes
3 hit after 12 minutes
4 hit after 16 minutes
5 hit after 20 minutes
6 hit after 24 minutes
7 hit after 28 minutes
8 hit after 32 minutes
9 hit after 36 minutes
When the waves have hit you just start all over with new hits with 4 minutes intervals.
40 hits like this gave me:

8 Justice medals
13 Nation medals
18 Flawless gems
6 Delicates gems
2 Lost Armor script